Mark Dwyer
Principle / Owner

Mark S. Dwyer, Architect


Certified by National Committee of Architectural Board

California Architect’s License 1992

Bachelor of Architecture, California Polytechnic Institute Pomona 1989

Design Philosophy

The Design Philosophy of Architectural Design Solutions is that all building projects have a “best design solution” that fits the owner’s budget, needs, desires; THEIR VISION.

Finding the “best design solution” for this vision is a process of comprise between the budget, the expressed needs and the wanted desires.

The project’s budget is generally the overall controlling factor, followed by the expressed needs of the project and lastly what the owner desires the project to achieve to create their vision.

My task is to help you through this process to achieve your vision.

With my experience and knowledge of construction techniques, building programming and technology we will develop the “best design solution” for your building project.

Through this process we will strive to create a work of beauty and elegance.

We will develop a site with a strong sense of “place” with the use of organization, scale and location.

We will develop a strong sense of “space” through a space programming philosophy of simple rational organization. We will give special emphasis to unique spaces of the program by form and placement, and the use of natural light to reinforce that form and placement. The use of light is essential to enhance the essence of the spaces.

Light manipulates the shape of the space, marks the passage of the day into the night back into the day and provides for a presence of the sky all of which are essential to enhance and express the architectural experience.

We will rely on an underlying grid based on human scale and the size of common building materials to organize the building’s elements to develop an economical structural design.

Further we will make the use of order and geometry based on the geometric proportioning systems developed from the golden section to develop appropriately proportioned and scaled spaces, the basic layout of the building facades and the building’s overall massing to create a project of beauty and elegance.

Every project is unique. The goal is to enhance the owner’s vision. It is to make that vision truly come alive and be expressed through the “best design solution”.

Mark S. Dwyer, Architect